Spanish tanning workshop Arte2, Cordobán y Guadameci was founded in 1995 by Antonio Rodriguez Hidalgo. Tanning workshop is located in Seville in Osuna town. It is one of the most famous workshops in Spain and abroad, its basis - the old ways of leather working. All processes from the very beginning to get unique and exclusive products are made by hand. Crafters of the Arte2 Company achieved the highest levels of quality, strength and durability of leather products.





Spanish factory Colleccion Alexandra is created some thirty years ago, the founder Jose Maria Guynot. Now the furniture factory Colleccion Alexandra has a huge popularity worldwide. Production of factory - an exclusive and original furniture and accessories. Furniture Company Colleccion Alexandra - stylish and elegant collections for living rooms, dining rooms, furniture for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms. Original interior items, unique style, refined forms, bold design solutions - all that distinguish furniture Colleccion Alexandra.





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