Almerich Classic – Spanish Lighting Factory of the present and future. Over 70 years, the company is on the market of decorative and classic lighting. High quality and exclusivity of design of produced chandeliers, lighting fixtures, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, mark out the production of Almerich factory. Products enjoy enormous popularity in Spain and abroad in more than 70 countries all over the World. Almerich execute individual orders, amazing lighting Almerich can be seen in the restaurants, hotels, venues, trading centers around the world.


Puertas Rústicas Alpujarreñas is a family company, which for generations has been dedicated to the manufactoring of artistic rustic doors, inspired by the Alhambra. Deep in the Alpujarra of Granada, this business of carpenters and craftsmen, it has preserved the knowledge and convey the spirit of the past, so today we can enjoy the unique appeal of these doors and the nobility of the woodwork as they did hundreds of years.



Ánforas de Mar es una empresa innovadora que obtiene sus productos mediante un proceso totalmente natural. Pionera en el mundo de la alta decoración, sus piezas dignas de coleccionista son el resultado de un proceso de envejecimiento bajo el mar a través del cual la naturaleza las dota de una belleza con carácter único. Ánforas de Mar posee la patente mundial de este método de envejecimiento y además de conseguir replicas exactas de antigüedades únicas en el mundo, favorece el ecosistema marino debido a que el proceso empleado es un recurso regenerador de zooplancton. 


Spanish painting factory Art Soldevilla established in 1988, sells Spanish paintings. True connoisseurs of painting will find famous artists works of modern times in gallery. Great creators of our time become worthy successors of Spanish Art. Many of the works are made in the traditions of realism and impressionism. Buy a picture - the best way to create comfort and harmony in your home, glad, see and understand the beauty. Paintings of Spanish artists Art Soldevilla - beautiful interior and decorative solution for your home and office, for any sophisticated, European interior and will look well against any wall.


Spanish tanning workshop Arte2, Cordobán y Guadameci was founded in 1995 by Antonio Rodriguez Hidalgo. Tanning workshop is located in Seville in Osuna town. It is one of the most famous workshops in Spain and abroad, its basis - the old ways of leather working. All processes from the very beginning to get unique and exclusive products are made by hand. Crafters of the Arte2 Company achieved the highest levels of quality, strength and durability of leather products.

Spanish factory of luxury sofas and armchairs Ascensión Latorre since 1959 has come a long and tremulous formation way. After a few significant stages, the company Ascensión Latorre reached and has established a reputation as a leader in the production of cushioned furniture in Spain and around the world. Furniture of the factory Ascensión Latorre combines such advantages as attractive design, sophisticated style, exclusivity and high quality.


Talking about the Spanish factory Bassols we can say a lot, and only enthusiastic words, just the fact that factory is more than 200 years, it is competitive and dynamic developing company, speaks for itself. The long development history of the factory Bassols led it to the steady world level. Bassols - manufacturer of exclusive textiles, high quality and design, bed and table linen, linen for bathrooms. Brand Bassols - the embodiment of luxury and prestige, quality and reliability, the highest degree of perfection.


Factory Bronces Coba was founded in 1971 with the aim of producing fittings for doors, windows and furniture. A small factory has grown into a modern enterprise equipped with fully automatic machines. Factory production is a beautiful classical style, high-quality and reliable product. Products are offered in a variety of finishes, such as natural color of brass, bright polished or satin, as well as gold, chromium, rhodium and nickel.



Spanish furniture factory CENZERO - a dynamic and developing company, which is more than two decades at the international furniture market. The company successfully participates in international exhibitions, exports its products to many countries all over the world. In recent years, factory’s masters and designers produced a wide range of furniture models for dining rooms and bedrooms. Furniture CENZERO became an example of functionality, reliability, new aesthetic and originality forms.


Spanish furniture factory Muebles Cercos was founded in the sixties, a family-owned company, like many other factories in Spain. Factory Muebles Cercos occupies one of the leading positions on Spain furniture market. Factory Muebles Cercos is specialized in producing classic sets of furniture for offices, living rooms and bedrooms. Also, the factory produces furniture for hotels and restaurants. The factory produces furniture for hotels, lobby, restaurant furniture, furniture according to the drawings. Factory professionals made already big projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Spain and many other countries.

coleccion-alexandra-logoSpanish factory Colleccion Alexandra is created some thirty years ago, the founder Jose Maria Guynot. Now the furniture factory Colleccion Alexandra has a huge popularity worldwide. Production of factory - an exclusive and original furniture and accessories. Furniture Company Colleccion Alexandra - stylish and elegant collections for living rooms, dining rooms, furniture for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms. Original interior items, unique style, refined forms, bold design solutions - all that distinguish furniture Colleccion Alexandra.


During its century-old history, Spanish factory Copenlamp became the world's leading producer of unique and individual lighting items. Factory production is well-known and loved in many countries over the world - delightful chandeliers and lamps, luxurious bras, candelabra, table lamps and other lighting fixtures. Copenlamp company supplies its exclusive products to nearly 30 countries around the world. Factory is located in Valencia, Spain.



Creaciones Fejomi - Spanish furniture factory, a manufacturer of luxury furniture with unique design solutions, sophisticated finishes and the finest carving - the highest quality. Furniture of Creaciones Fejomi creates an atmosphere of palace luxury, chic, with a stunning and authentic imitation of French and English style of past centuries. Company range contains - elegant collections of living and dining rooms, bedrooms, furniture for classrooms and offices, auxiliary furniture and interior features.


The most important figures and events in history and their cultural legacy, combined with the skilled craftsmanship acquired over 40 years of experience, these are the elements that CREDAN has employed in the creation of this exclusive collection. All of these elements come together in our articles, always made with materials and finishes of the very highest quality. Of these raw materials, particular mention should go to Gold (18 and 24 karat) which, fashioned by skilled hands, gives rise to elegant decorations on our products. 


Cubilles Logica - Spanish furniture factory is known at the world market thanks to the unique furniture design, high quality and exclusive finish furniture. Cubilles Logica creates truly wonderful suites for bedrooms, auxiliary furniture that is considered as interior decoration. Cubilles Logica - one of Spanish leading manufacturers of furniture in a contemporary style and furniture in the Art Nouveau style, which harmoniously combines beauty and comfort.


Factory Cubimobax, Mobax Group is more than 30 years on the market of Spanish furniture. The company is located, as well as many other furniture factories in Spain, in the province of Valencia. Cubimobax is famous for the manufacture of bedrooms, wardrobes, a large choice of auxiliary furniture such as chests of drawers, consoles, mirrors. The factory prefers high quality and natural materials as a result the furniture does not lose its appeal. All the furniture of the company Cubimobax is in great demand in Spain and in many countries around the world.


Dessi Mobel - Spanish factory, which manufactures outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting for the garden and street. In the collections of factory Dessi Mobel you can also find stylish furniture for the interior, amazing lighting fixtures and lamps and accessories that will decorate any space and give beauty and comfort. Spanish forged furniture Dessi Mobel – furniture of the high-level and reliable quality, elegance and style furniture. Furniture of the factory Dessi Mobel enjoyed great success both in the country of Spain, and in other parts of the world due to superior quality and unique design.


Joint favourite of the world market of pluming equipment, furniture for bathrooms and other premises – Duravit Company. All collections of international company are in great demand and interest for buyers who value and love comfort. Luxury products Duravit have an exquisite design, high quality and versatility. Plumbing, bathroom furniture and accessories make your bathroom elegant, stylish and cozy.



Spanish factory Enticdesigns established in 2006 and specialized in manufactoring of cement tile or encaustic cement tile. Masters of the factory produce wall and floor tiles for normal and decorative stacking, interior and exterior use. Surprisingly designed tiles of the true beauty and high quality are in demand all over the world and of interest for many interior designers and architects. High-quality finishing material of the factory Enticdesigns made of natural materials.


FOMENTO Home Life Style - one of the famous Spanish furniture factories. The history of the factory began over 40 years ago. Up to date - this is the largest factory specialized in designing and manufacturing of classical and neoclassical furniture, decorated with modern details. Factory production is known far beyond the borders of Spain, in many countries of the world people know and cooperate with the company FOMENTO, which furniture has high quality, individuality and functionality.


Spanish factory Gamamobel was founded in 1979 in the province of Valencia. In the face of strong competition the factory makes every effort that its furniture would be remained at a competitive level. The factory specializes in producing innovative and stylish upholstered furniture for residential and public buildings. In production the company uses the latest technology, introducing innovative ideas, and it gives the opportunity to stay ahead of time.


Spanish Geberit - is the European division of the world leader Geberit (Switzerland) of the production and sale of high-quality plumbing and tap technology. Geberit Group has established itself on the global level, with a large network of branches in more than 40 countries. The product range produced by Geberit Group is huge. Geberit maintains a high standard of quality at all levels of development and production, a stylish and modern design.



Spanish vertical gardens GREENAREA -a true art. Design experiments at the factory GREENAREA to create vertical gardens have been held for many years, using new technologies in landscape design and indoor landscaping. Many beautiful plants make up the garden, easy get along with each other and create harmony on the design canvas. Professionals of the Spanish company GREENAREA do it with love and with the knowledge of their craft.


GROHE - this is one of the largest European manufacturers of sanitary products, a world leader in this industry. GROHE factory has representative offices in more than 15 countries around the world, seriously recommended itself as a reliable manufacturer of mixers for bathrooms and kitchens, shower sets, installations systems and other plumbing, accessories. A wide range of GROHE satisfies the needs and whims of any client.



Hansgrohe - an international company with a high reputation around the world. The company was founded in 1901, stepped centenarians, it produces and sells its products in 144 countries and has more than 55 branches and offices. Designers and architects create products, designed for the modern bathrooms, with beautiful and comfortable, sophisticated and refined sense. Exclusive products of Hansgrohe- economical, reliable and have unsurpassed quality.



Herdasa - the biggest leader in the manufacture of furniture for the Spanish interior hallways rooms, coat racks. More than 50 years Herdasa manufactures furniture of impeccable quality, full with functional components and various in styles. Herdasa factory presents furniture models in traditional, classical and contemporary styles, with unique finishes. Furniture harmoniously fits to any interior, and is elegant and stylish. Factory is located in the province of Valencia, Albacete city.



Spanish Furniture factory Hurtado was founded in 1940, geographically located in Valencia. Furniture of the factory Hurtado has a unique ability to fit into any interior and diverse styles. Furniture sets for living rooms, dining and bedroom sets, cabinets, cabinets - libraries, representative offices, home offices and other interior design items compel attention by the memorable design. Furniture Hurtado decorates public buildings, offices and homes in major cities such as Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Beijing, Sydney and others.

Spanish factory Indecasa produces furniture that meets the requirements of modern comfort. Indecasa created furniture for use both indoors and in the open street space from 1963. The company range counts a large selection of garden furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture for hotels, bars, restaurants, outdoor areas. There are elegant furniture for balconies and terraces in residential premises, furniture for areas around the pool. Company Indecasa updates its collection, creating elegant and durable outdoor furniture models.


Spanish factory JISO Iluminacion specializes in the manufacture of embedded interior lighting sets for residential and commercial premises. This is young company, headquartered in Valencia. In a short time the company has strongly reinforced its position among European manufacturers of lighting equipment. Company JISO has a varied range of embedded and overhead spotlights of a wide style variety, unique, stylish and high quality.


Kuatre products are designed to fulfil the requeirements of those customers who apreciated classic and neoclassic handicraft products, characterised by the accurate finishings of our goods and by the use of valuable essences. The constant search for new ways of using materials and working techniques, whilst respecting tradition, has made our products known, apreciated and distributed internationally. Versatility of production allows us to meet the requirements of our customers.



Since 1964 LAMALVA creates and manufactures furniture with innovation as starting point. Are furniture full of illusion; are shapes, colors and finishes inspired in hundreds of aesthetic and cultural references full of meaning. Are furniture that summarizes all my effort to enhance and accompany society in its need for change. Are furniture with aesthetics and functionality very close each other. Are art furniture.



Professionals and experience of LLass furniture factory allows to build a solid project, adapting knowledge to new technologies. Its aim is to create pieces with own style, taking care at maximum of quality/price ratio. LLass manufacture every piece we offer. This allows us to control quality from origin. LLass is pioneer in finish innovation, which become trend setters. LLass was founded in 1985 working with eagerness to constantly improve and provide the highest level of quality to our clients. 


Tapizados Lujosa was born in 1983, and since the foundation, the company has a marked willing to the exportation. Even we did not forget our roots, our catalogue was step by step being build up by the different tendencies we are getting from the markets we export. Nowdays, very important designers collaborate with us, giving their own personality to our newest models, and getting success among our costumers.




Furniture of factory Monrabal Chirivella - is not only an example of style, elegance and quality, but also a sample of practicality and functionality. Small furniture shop was founded in Valencia in 1920, and from 1964 to the present time it is the largest furniture company Monrabal Chirivella with the latest technology and digital control. Furniture of this factory is popular and loved not only in Spain but also throughout the world. Furniture of the factory Monrabal Chirivella is unique interlaced of emotion, sophistication and elegance; it will be a decoration in your home, a dream realization.


Mugali is a family business with over 50 years founded by Antonio Diaz Galiano, a carpenter who beginning in a small workshop was making grow your business until today to be a company with more than 65 employees. Antonio successors created "Furniture Galiano," a former company which led to Mugali SL in 1991.



Spanish factory Point produces creative furniture that combines unique design and the latest technology. Furniture Factory Point - is the best guide when choosing furniture for private houses, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture for hotels, tourist and sports complexes, offices, restaurants and bars. Furniture of the factory Point is loved worldwide; it combines the high quality and reliability, modern design, easy to fit in the space.


Renato Costa - Spanish furniture factory, manufacturer of exclusive furniture and décor items. The world-famous brand Renato Costa represents in its collection furniture, created at the intersection of different styles. However, preference is given to furniture in a classic style and the spirit of modern classics. Designer furniture of Renato Costa for the bedroom, living room, dining room and other rooms - furniture, carrying emotions, unique pieces of furniture art.



Spanish Company Roca Group - International Company, a world leader in the production industry of plumbing accessories, building materials and furniture. Just a couple of years and Company Roca will pass the centenarians of its activities. History of the Company and former factory began in 1917. Today, Roca has the sales market in 135 countries and counts more than 75 companies. The company has earned a reputation as an innovator in the field of design and plumbing technology.  


Spanish factory SCHULLER - is a unique and dynamic company that specializes in the furniture manufacture for living rooms and bedrooms, mirrors of the amazing shapes and sizes, lamps, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and a variety of interior items. For more than forty years, the factory SCHULLER took its worthy place in the global market of manufacturers. Also factory SCHULLER engaged in complex equipment of hotels, bars and public complexes.

Factory Soher is prospering high-tech production. Hereditary furniture maker Vicente Simo Iborra founded factory in 1942 in the city of Torrent (Valencia). Originally there were launched two production lines: Casting bronze accessories and manufacture of exclusive furniture. Soher factory produces a variety of furniture - dining sets, furniture for offices, bedrooms and living rooms, upholstered furniture, dressers and mirrors, wardrobes, as well as luxury lamps with various shades.


Taberner factory was founded in 1981 and located in Valencia. The company produces furniture and accessories for bathrooms. We offer to get acquainted with furniture Taberner, which will help to transform the bathroom into a functional, comfortable and really cozy room. This elegant furniture is surprisingly easy fitted into the interior of your bathroom. Company makes furniture with love in classic and modern styles. These products of the company Taberner are in demand, both in Spain and abroad.



Tomas Saez - Spanish company, factory specializes in the production of exclusive sets of lighting, interior design items and accessories. High-quality lighting is made with exquisite design. Fragment and small furniture is unique in its beauty. Tomas & Saez products break conventional ideas about standards of furniture, lighting features, decor items. Thanks to its original production Tomas & Saez has gained popularity far beyond the borders of Spain.



Spanish factory TORNEADOS MUÑOZ was founded in 1974. The factory is famous for producing elite ladders and amazing constructions. The range of the company has more than 100 models of stairs and constructions made in different styles from classic to modern. Company TORNEADOS MUÑOZ achieved leadership in Spain and abroad. The original solution and high craftsmanship of ladder producing made the brand TORNEADOS MUÑOZ popular and easily recognizable.


Spanish furniture factory Vicent Montoro is created by works of talented organizers, designers and artists. More than seventy years the factory is at the furniture market in Spain and more than forty years in the world. Vicent Montoro creates original furniture works of art in classic and contemporary styles, furniture is of high quality and precious wood species. The factory collections contain bedrooms, living and dining suites, furniture for children's rooms.

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